Consistent Performance

Value in real estate is capitalized.

We know a good opportunity when we see it.  Newburger-Andes actively pursues retail, office and industrial acquisition opportunities that deliver healthy returns and generate long-term value for our investment partners.  Our cash-only acquisition practice and long-term relationships enable an agile pursuit when an opportunity aligns with our criteria.



Newburger-Andes’ conservative investment approach is based on opportunities, not quotas.  We focus on our core business—creating value through real estate investments.  We remain steadfast to our goal of acquiring income-producing properties that appreciate over time.


Our multi-generational relationships are a testament to our consistent performance.  Many of our investors have served as partners since the company’s inception nearly 40 years ago.  We know our investment partners and believe it’s our responsibility to exceed their expectations.  Our diverse, income-producing portfolio of retail, office and industrial space offers a stable platform on which our investors build wealth.

Purchase Details



As a vested partner, we seek the right deal, not just any deal.  We believe that each transaction is unique, so we evaluate each opportunity and customize a solution that’s right for our investors.  Our cash-only practice enables quick and nimble decision-making when opportunities break—a definitive advantage over the competition and a benefit to our loyal investors.


As real estate experts, the Newburger-Andes in-house acquisition team manages the entire acquisition process from identifying the opportunity to closing.  Investors rest in confidence knowing our brokerage and property management team works diligently to maximize the value of the asset.