Sales & Leasing Executive

Emma Jackson

Our newest addition to the team, Emma McLeod, is the oldest of three sisters. Growing up on her grandfather’s peach & pecan farm in South Georgia, she learned the value of hard work at a young age. Her father, a commercial fisherman and entrepreneur, opened a seafood restaurant which she managed in her high school years. Emma then went on to Valdosta State University to pursue a degree in Marketing. In 2017 Emma decided to move to the big city, as she had outgrown the “small town life.” Loving life in Atlanta, she has spent the better part of the past year pursuing her goal of becoming a licensed agent & traveling around the world with her fiancé. After meeting David Andes and convincing him to give her an opportunity, she finds herself at the outset of what she hopes will be a long and rewarding career with Newburger-Andes. She enjoys riding horses & spending time with her Beagle “Barley.” Emma is excited about her future & looking forward to working hard at it!